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27 Jan

Long Day’s Journey Into Night

Tink’s laughing inbetween coughing fits because of my love of the song “Hungry”. I just got the single in today and (hahaha) I’ve got more remixes!

THe weather has turned back cold, which means the water on the roads is freezing again. Not a good thing, but…it is January.

Roxette Bunny™ let the proverbial cat out of the bag. Like she said, we all have lives away from our blogs, and while it’s nice to have fun, ther’s more than this.

I’m sitting back listening to my Duran Duran 12″ singles box set. I’d forgotten how much I really liked some of this “New Wave” Music.

So, let’s see. what else is going on in my life? Not too much. Work was a bit over the top today with us having viruses and such to deal with. Plus, since a number of the school systems were closed, those of us without children were expected to pick up the slack for those who have spawned offspring. Reverse descrimination, perhaps? Actually, hwoever, since I like my coworkers, pitching in wasn’t a burdeon.

Tink and I took a leisurely drive home (traffic wasn’t that bad, and the roads hadn’t started freezing over at that time). Kosheen handled her time in the snow, slush, and water very well, I have to admit I’m very pleased with that purchase.

I got thinking of a missed opportunity and how what other people say affects your life. I always wanted to sing. No, not the Backstreet Boy/NSync phenom, but something along the lines of Josh Groban or Gary Kemp from Spandau Ballet. Unfortunately, I had a few people who crushed my dream by telling me I couldn’t sing. The problem was they were expecting me to sing songs that weren’t in my key. Not that I think I could have or wanted to make a career out of it, but by not explaining why they thought I couldn’t sing…. I’m still trying to undo some of those problems.

I’m not blaming them for my shortcomings; those are mine to deal with on my own. But to simply go “your singing stinks” (from an adult in an extracurricular position — not even in a graded class) should earn them a 96 hour session with Pariah Scarey sining the Pink Floyd songbook.

This blog entry has jumped around all over the freakin place, hasn’t it? Sheesh… guess it’s time to post and start fresh. Fresh as a daisy. 🙂 And full of self-worth.

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