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27 Jan

Final Thought

I’m heading to bed, so…. here’s the final thought of the day: (Not work/family friendly) View image Nite!

27 Jan

Long Day’s Journey Into Night

Tink’s laughing inbetween coughing fits because of my love of the song “Hungry”. I just got the single in today and (hahaha) I’ve got more remixes! THe weather has turned back cold, which means the water on the roads is freezing again. Not a good thing, but…it is January. Roxette Bunny™ let the proverbial cat […]

27 Jan

Changes to the Blogs Due to Spammers

These changes are immediate to Dipped in Chocolate, Reflections of A PunchBuggy, Flitting Here And There, and Ramblings of SilverBlue: MT-Blacklist is in place and is running quite well. On January 21, I was spammed 958 times consecutively by IP address MT-Blacklist didn’t allow any of them spam to come thorugh, HOWEVER, they did […]

27 Jan

Are you sure it’s not monday?

I should offer apologies for the light number of entries (actually, there have been NO entries today). Seems that the snow is doing interesting thing to people….they think they’re still on holiday, which of course has had me filling in answering phones, etc. I don’t mind pitching in however. We’re all here to help each […]

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