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26 Jan

2 by 2, long overdue Link-Luv™

Ted gets two links. One for his oversized pecker, and one for his take on Micro$haft error messages.

Dawn resolves to make resolutions. She even does a great Friday Five, which, even though it’s monday, I may get around to doing today.

Tink is being a little pip-squeak. (at least her voice sounds like it). She also gives us her take on the trek north.

Roxette Bunny™ mourns a relatives employer’s passing and explains why SHE’s been so quiet.

Tiger is concerned with swimming. And his disdain for the Canadians.

Revog campaigns. And has a memo from God.

Susie growls And then goes for coffee.

Punchbuggy melts some wax for non-nefareous (or however it’s spelled) purposes and loses track of time.

For now, that will do. more luv as time permits.

2 Responses to “2 by 2, long overdue Link-Luv™”

  1. 1
    Tiger Says:

    Thank ya John for findin’ my best stuff! 😉 Although stuff might not be a PC term to use with the first topic, huh?

  2. 2
    Dawn Says:

    Holy Link-Luv-Me-Two-Times! Thanks! 🙂

    (Now I’ve got that Doors’ song in my head. Damn it.)

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