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22 Jan

Final Thought

Drink alert in effect. The face of innocence. View image Nite!

22 Jan

Oh give me this feeling…

….there’s just a feeling I get when I blog. When the muse strikes and whatever I choose to type makes sense, and the words come out right (and I can even spell most of them!) As you know, I’ve stepped out of the choir for a bit. Nothing personal about the church, and I’m not […]

22 Jan

Revenge of the Blog!

God, there’s been so much going on….other than the stuff that I’ve been blogging about in my spare time. WOW! There’s a world out there! Mom’s doing better, and dad’s doing well as well. Kosheen got her Hip Hop sticker tonight. You don’t remember hip hop? I found my copy of the sticker (with a […]

22 Jan

Lunchtime Serenade

I know I’m a bit behind on my Link-Luv™, but there hasn’t been a lot of Luv in my life, so what I’ve had, I’ve needed to hold on to. Link-Luv™ will return, soon. Tink and I went and had Taco Bell. It hit the spot, but hopefully will stay put. All too often Taco […]

22 Jan

There are days that I hate Ebay

I had attempted to purchase the remixes to “Hungry” by Kosheen (this weeks #1 song on my chart) and what…I get outbid. I enter the foray at $5.50. My max is $20. In the last six seconds, somone bids $20.51. Oh well. I knew my limits, and stuck to them. But it sucks, as I […]

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