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20 Jan

Final Thought

I am SO OVER the movie “I Want To Marry Robert Banks” on ABC Family. They’ve shown it 99 times over the past week. Blogging was light today as things attempt to get back to whatever normalcy that can happen. In any event: Nite!

20 Jan

At what point

do people literally self-destruct? What point do they lose all sense of sanity, and go so far over the edge they can’t come back? What point do they snap? As much as you think you know people, the more they prove you wrong. The more bizzare they are. This is a case where truth is […]

20 Jan

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Things here today have been busy, as expected. Tomorrow will be worse, with the Economic Club annual forecast meeting. Actually, that’s not bad. The topics are interesting. Time goes by fast.

20 Jan

Not Sure of Blog Volume Today

I’m not sure how much stuff I’m going to have on my plate today, so depending on how things go at work (there’s a major conference coming up tomorrow and there’s lots of preparations going into it). I’ll try to keep up with the blog, but it make be sparse, or may have to wait […]

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