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19 Jan

Final Thought

Time for me to go to bed. I have to get up early to go to work…. NITE.

19 Jan

Why Ask Y?

PoloRandy has decided to join the local YMCA since they have a no-joining-fee right now. But it’s $49 a month. Granted, I’m spending $12 a month on Bally’s, and they don’t have half the locations. Today was good, though tomorrow will be different, with it being the first day after the holiday, and the first […]

19 Jan

Most Awesome License Plate

I’ve seen it several times on the way home from work, and I’ve been meaning to mention it: HTMEUDI (Hit Me, You Die!) Since it’s on a 2004 Lexus (I think), it’s only appropriate. 🙂

19 Jan

Summer, in the middle of Winter

For a brief moment last night I was able to recaputre a summer in my youth. I was a student on Christopher Newport College’s (yes, it was a college back then) campus. I had made it through High School. I was working in Radio, at 2WD (101.3, WWDE-FM). I had passed all five general CLEP […]

19 Jan

The Pitfalls of Religion

This rant was one that Id wanted to post for a while, but never knew quite how I wanted to word it. When I moved to Virginia in 1980, my parents and I were Free Will Baptist. We found a local church, joined it, and attended faithfully. Then, in October, I had an accident and […]

19 Jan

Ok, ok, so I’m a bit late.

It’s MLK day and I’m taking down Christmas. It’s really not my fault. I’ve been busy. So… one of the three trees is down (mine), the outside is completely de-decorated, and a lot of stuff from the dining room has been rearranged. Other than that, and running into an old friend, Texas LongHorn (from Austin) […]

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