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14 Jan

Final Thought

Drink Alert In Effect. View image Nite!

14 Jan

Every now and then I pause to think

…but unlike some of the clowns around here, I start back up again before I open my mouth. Listening to some of the students as they walk down the hall, my God! I followed two girls…not becuase I was stalking them, but because the conversation (said loudly) was too good to miss. One of them […]

14 Jan

Let’s Get An Over-Inflated Opinion of Ourselves

Shall We? Seems that today is the day for me to rag on the BS going on here at CHK. As you know, my duties fall within the realm of technology. As it is, we have 100 clients, and 8 laptops. Each client has a desktop to use which CHK provides. CHK uses the 8 […]

14 Jan

And you want to keep your job?

The following is an email that existed in draft form to one of the clients, being sent by one of the tech people here at CHK: I’m FULLY aware of what you need done. I am not done with the software installation. I have a lot on my plate and quite frankly I’m stressing out […]

14 Jan

Why is it?

That when people find out what you do for a living they think they can ask you anything… not that I have a problem helping out, but damn don’t pick my brain for details when I’m not in the mode of answering questions. Sorry, I haven’t had lunch and it’s 2. I’m sure it will […]

14 Jan

Just One of those Bells

….that doesn’t ring. I understand being busy, but I’ll be honest. If I’m going to do business some place, I don’t like the feeling that I’m being pushed aside for whatever reason. I went to make my car payment at Walk-all-ovah-ya (Wachovia) and the first one I went to… was closed. Not permenantly. Not for […]

14 Jan

Radar Gun

An oldie, but goodie, passed on by Moonglow. While I was driving down the road the other day (going a little faster than I should have been) I passed over a bridge only to see a cop on the other side with a radar gun laying in wait. The cop pulled me over, walked up […]

14 Jan

Another Spammer

This idiot, kmdc@kmtn.ru, IP, url http://bp.kmdc.ru/ tried pushing pregnancy tests, etc. via their website and my blog. NOT. Beware, all blog readers, if you see a comment such as this: Very inspiring, thankyou! Good luck to you in the future. 🙂 (That’s a direct quote) Is there any way to block an EMAIL address? […]

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