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09 Jan

Final Thought


09 Jan

Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?

Strange how some people just cross your mind. It’s like you wake up one day and go, hmmm. I wonder if they ever think of me? Only one person on the list from earlier today, Chris Howard, have I run into in the past 10 years. That was briefly in Barnes & Nobles. Other people […]

09 Jan

People I’ve Lost Touch With

…over the years. If you know them, have them email me at silverblue at cox dot net Chris Howard Saul Scribner Dana Zimmerman Eric Johnson Rob Mills Don Smith Candy Muscgrove Derek McMurray Sue Edwards Carol Barbour Michael D. Hunt Eleya Finch

09 Jan

The Truth, Unveiled!

Who really captured Saddam? View image Hat tip to Moonglow for passing this on.

09 Jan

The Truth Is Out

Mommy Dearest’s TRUE daughter! View image

09 Jan

It’s Life Jim, But Not As We Know It

A number of my faculty have come in through the snow. Of course, they disconnected their brains over the holidays and failed to put them on the charger, so… they went dead. Upon reinstallation, and powering back on, their brains were effectively “wiped clean” — they don’t remember how to log on, their passwords, where […]

09 Jan

New Blog Showcase

This one is good. Metastasis.

09 Jan

Thank God It’s Friday

For, even though I have to be at work while the snow silently falls outside, blanketing the ground in a field of white, that means that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow or sunday. Of course, I’d rather be home with a glass of wine and the fire place roaring… but… since there […]

09 Jan

Snow, and Post 2000

Roads are slick thorughout Hampton Roads. So, while I type this, the 2000th entry to the blog, snow is still lightly coming down. First snow of the year. I had the tele on, and that barking moonbat, the mother of the killed 18-year old, was just on the news again saying she will not rest […]

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