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05 Jan

Final Thought

Went to the gym, went shopping, came home. Tomorrow to see mom. View image (Drink alert in effect). Nite!

05 Jan

Update On Mom

Subtitle: Never Underestimate the Power of Prayer Mom came through surgery just fine. Seems that when they did the C-section when I was born they didn’t put everything back correctly, and that’s now been fixed, almost 35 years later. They removed a polyp about the size of your index finger while they were doing the […]

05 Jan

Can We Say, “You’re Fired”?

(Norfolk, VA, January 5th, 2004, 6:53 a.m.) In Norfolk, police are on the lookout for the person who got away with a van full of prescription drugs. He got away from an Eckerd Drug store located at the intersection of Kempsville Road, and Virginia Beach Boulevard. Police say a deliveryman was dropping off prescription drugs, […]

05 Jan

No Idiot Left In Office

From CNN: Critics also say that the way the “No Child Left Behind” federal grading system works isn’t fair in some cases because it requires yearly progress not just from a school but from every subgroup of students, including those with disabilities or ones who speak English as a second language. Bush, however, defends the […]

05 Jan

Dropping Like Flies

Both users and computers. You’d think that 10 days off wouldn’t cause people to totally flip out and forget everything, would you? but they have, and they do. I’m enjoying it for the most part….it’s good to get back into a rhythm of life. Mom went into surgery at 9, the doctors are saying between […]

05 Jan

Monday, Monday….

…and back to work. It doesn’t feel like January 5, with it being 65 outside right now, heading to 74 today. Then tomorrow, PNEUMONIA STRIKES! Why? Because it will be 40, and on Wednesday, the high will only be 30-34. Gotta love this wacky weather. Going in search of coffee….

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