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31 Dec

Happy New Year/Final Thought

I’m going to a gathering over at a friend’s house. so…. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Nite!

31 Dec

Is Homeland Security A Joke?

Thanks to Dad for forwarding this newsworthy article to me: At New York’s Kennedy airport today, an individual later discovered to be a public school teacher was arrested trying to board a flight while in possession of a protractor, a T-square, a slide rule, and a calculator. At a morning press conference, Attorney General John […]

31 Dec

Top 10 For This Week

For the week ending January 3, 2004 (Sound clips are FM quality, approx 30 seconds long (about 275K each) MP3s) This Week Last Week Weeks on Chart Song Title Artist Year 1 – 1 Run Away With You Bosson 2003 2 – 1 Loved Kim Wilde 2003 3 – 1 No One Left To Hold […]

31 Dec


Subtitle: Psycho women who don’t know how to roast in bad wigs. Tink and I had to run to Michael’s (Craft Store) and decided to pop by Farm Fresh for a few items. I was accosted by a woman in the beef department on how to roast a piece of beef. We finished our shopping […]

31 Dec

I’ve got that special Feeling

Cos I was Susie’s 20,000th visitor. Now, if there were a prize involved, and it was a penumbra, what could I do with it that would be practical?

31 Dec

As the year ends…

here’s the last bit of santa humour: and

31 Dec

Alliance Assignment

What should we do to Saddam to get him to tell us everything he knows? Easy: Tell him either he informs us of all he knows, or we send him to where his 72 virginis await. (Showing him the attached photo helps greatly as well)

31 Dec

I may be liberal

…but I’m no where near as psycho as the tinfoil hat wearing assclown Rob points out. Left & Right: You’re Gone, You’re Out There, You’re F*cking PLUTO!

31 Dec

The Year In Review

This will be updated and bumped to the top as items are added. January 7th – Mary Wheelhouse, PoloRandy’s great-aunt and landlady, succumbs to cancer. PoloRandy agrees to live on the property until it is sold, for insurance purposes. February Valentines Day concert by Jane Olivor postponed due to snowstorm. March Rescheduled Jane Olivor concert […]

31 Dec

Global Domination?

Thanks to Fritz who pointed me in this direction: FedEx to Acquire Kinko’s FedEx Corporation (NYSE: FDX) and Clayton, Dubilier & Rice of New York have jointly announced an agreement for FedEx to acquire privately-held Kinko’s for $2.4 billion. All 1,200 Kinko’s locations worldwide will offer new or expanded FedEx shipping options for greater customer […]

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