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29 Dec

Final Thought

I’m going to crash early tonight, so… Nite!

29 Dec

Some “ME” time

I ventured out today for some “me” time. Of course, not 10 minutes after I left, my phones arrived. But that’s ok. I took a long car ride, drove around, and spent some time with me and my thoughts. Sometimes it’s good to do that. I may have to try it more often. Tink and […]

29 Dec

More Laughs?


29 Dec

Playing Catchup

From being ill. Doing laundry, folding laundry, making soup, making coffee, cleaning up a bit…. boy, doesn’t take long for things to go downhill fast. Of course, I just had to reopen my window because heat rises and it’s a bit warm up here. Over all, however, I’m glad it’s a sunshiny day. My new […]

29 Dec

Sunday Recap

PoloRandy left to be with the family. Tink and I went to my church (she waited outside since I knew I’d be leaving after the choir special). We had 8 people in the choir, but it sounded like we had a lot more, as we were singing out hearts out for PoloRandy. The visiting pastor […]

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