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27 Dec

Final Thought


27 Dec

Official Obituary

Anna B. White ELIZABETH CITY Saturday, Dec. 27, 2003 The Virginian-Pilot Anna Byrum White, 73, of the 1000 block of N. Road St., died Dec. 25, 2003, at her residence. She was born in Chowan County to the late Ernest Ray and Annie Baccus Byrum and was the wife of James Marshall White. She was […]

27 Dec

Top 10 Tracks I Listened To in 2003

UPDATE: Since so many of you have emailed me asking what some of these songs sound like, as a year end gift, there is approximately a 30 second snippet of each song (in MP3 format, 22500 mHz, 64 bps stereo [FM Radio Quality]) available of each track by clicking on the name of the song. […]

27 Dec

One of the reasons I love Trackbacks

Is that you can find some interesting reading. I Speak Of Dreams linked to a post earlier, which enticed me to wander over to her blog. Some good reading there; visit — I think you’ll enjoy!

27 Dec

More Link-Luv™

Tink gets contemplative exploring her own morality mortality. Revog is just downright grumpy. Dave discusses what he wants to be when he grows up. Pixy gives us an entertaining post regarding foods down under. Madfish Willie has some AWESOME rules to read and laugh at. Jennifer shares some leftovers. Now, to find some rest, I […]

27 Dec

Two funnies After The Fact

But Very VERY necessary: and:

27 Dec

Lotsa Link-Luv™

Bill has a Christmas full of farting zombies and no pants. Fritz discusses an advertisement displaying, a, uh, yule log. Susie once again shows that she’s different from the rest of the world in her food taste. (Hey, at least it’s not haggis!) Tiger’s missing in action. Here’s his last post. If anyone sees him, […]

27 Dec

Vote for Best New Blog

Goes to “Spam Town” — anyone who can put a smile on my face while I’m sick — especially regarding a subject I hate! (Spam mail, not spam, the wonderful mystery meat.) Best of luck to you!

27 Dec

Posting has been sparse

and actually, PoloRandy, Tink & I celebreated Christmas last night. Not because it was December 26 and we wanted to take advantage of all the sales there have been, but becuase with Miss Anna’s passing and everything else (including this cold I seem to have) it’s been the first time, before midnight, that all of […]

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