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23 Dec

Final Thought


23 Dec

That last post

made absolutely no sense, did it? Oh well. I blame it on cold medicines. PoloRandy will be filling the house with all sorts of holiday scents this evening, as he prepares all the food he takes down to Elizabeth City. I’ve got to find the music for the Christmas eve service and find out how […]

23 Dec

Can I just call in sick?

oh wait. i’m already on holiday. Started last night with sneezing, a bloody nose, and feeling icky. Has transpired into a full fledged head cold, I think. Just what I need in time for christmas. NOT. The furance is working — too well, in fact. The water it sends through is nice and hot, the […]

23 Dec

Useless Cooking Trivia

Ever been talking to Grandma and have her say “In a slow oven…” (does this mean we need to find an oven at low speed or perhaps one who didn’t excel in academics?) or “In a Moderate oven…”? Here’s the deal: A Slow Oven is about 300 degrees. A Moderate Oven is 350 degrees. A […]

23 Dec

So…are YOU ready?

Christmas, the most commercialized of holidays (and we’ve forgotten the true meaning of it), is coming, whether you’re an athiest or not. So, is all your shopping done, or will someone be receiving a chia pet from the local drug store that you purchased at 4:30 on Christmas eve?

23 Dec

Getting In The Christmas Spirit

Be sure to visit this site (and click on each reindeer). Thanks to DMA2 for passing this one on.

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