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09 Dec

Thinking of Joining Madfish Willie

with his Spnak Frnak routine. I mean, he doens’t have the full alliance listed on his blog, yet here I am fighting for him to overthrow the Axis of Evil Naughty.

No Lanches coming my way, no comments, no Link-Luv™ (except from the ever-wonderful Susie)… ARRRGGHHH!!!!

Still, the questions for my interview are due to Jennifer, so get over there and get her email address. Otherwise, I’m sure my interview won’t have any questions. (Makes it extremely easy to answer, though, doesn’t it???)

One Response to “Thinking of Joining Madfish Willie”

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    The Bartender Says:

    Join the party SilverBlue. We’ll give him hell untill he straightend out. We should start a photographic “True Lies” meme and beat him up for a while! Check out the new Spank Frnak Penis Cheek picture for Wednesday!!

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