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04 Dec

There’s A Few Things To Be Thankful For

10. The fact that the first snow of the season is supposed to be this weekend.
9. Even though I don’t currently have a furnace, we’re keeping the house from freezing using gas logs and the range.
8. My party will be on Saturday!
7. We have all three trees up and decorated.
6. People at work are a little nicer this time of year.
5. The rebuilt closet wall is holding.
4. Roxette Bunny™ is enjoying her sleigh.
3. Christmas bonuses are supposed to be in two weeks.
2. The Ghosts of Christmas Eve have been relegated to the back part of memory.
1. Today’s my 3rd anniversary. Happy anniversary to me.

2 Responses to “There’s A Few Things To Be Thankful For”

  1. 1
    LeeAnn Says:

    Is this a personal-versary or a blog-versary? Either way, big happy pats on the back for a job well done!
    And 3 is a lucky number, you know.

  2. 2
    Silver Blue Says:

    Personal anniversary between me and my honey. My blog turns 6 months in 6 days (12/10)

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