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02 Dec

Alliance Assignment

Entries in the Donktionary (be careful, I’m somewhat of a liberal)

Anti-American: see Pro-French.

Appeasement: An apartment made of peas.

Bigotry: Reverse of littlotry.

Censorship: To cause the removal of all boats and seagoing vessels from media.

Conservative: Defintion censored to retain PG rating of blog.

Diversity: To cause costs to go up due to minimum contract awards going to woman, small businesses, and minorities.

Europe: That twisted piece of jute France and Germany use as a noose.

Fox News: All The News That’s Irrelevant.

Fundamentalist: A mentalist that’s really, REALLY fun.

Halliburton: The word used to describe VP Dick Cheney’s chronic bad breath.

Jingoism: The sound of spurs that jingo, jango, jingo.

Lie/Liar: Almost any post the Alliance does regarding Evil Glen and his Axis of Evil Naughty.

Liberal: What everyone things everyone else is who doesn’t agree with them.

Mainstream: The big river running through town.

NPR: A feast for acronymphomaniacs.

Oil: Something to go to war over.

Patriot/Patriotism/Patriotic: A word quickly used when someone agrees with the governement (as opposed to Dispatriot/NonPatriotism/UnPatriotic)

Quagmire: Five Mires in a row. (or is that QuadMire?)

Racism: See Nascar.

Tolerance: Being of greater height than Rance.

U.N. – The UNGovernement.

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: The new Hillary Clinton Special at KFC: 2 breasts, 2 legs, and a right wing.

Weapons of Mass Destruction: Dubya’s latest scheme to complete what his daddy started.

6 Responses to “Alliance Assignment”

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    Susie Says:


  2. 2
    Practical Penumbra Says:

    Assorted remarks
    The Brain Cloud continues. I suspect it is the harbinger of a cold or sinus infection. Lovely. I read a lot of interesting stuff this morning. Frank was funny. Bill was funny. Paul was funny. Pixy Misa was funny. Paul pointed me to Ted’s 100 interestin…

  3. 3
    Practical Penumbra Says:

    Five is right out!
    Well, I had hoped to have finished my homework by this time, but (surprise, surprise!) I took a nap instead. When I woke up I went to the grocery for coffee and ended up spending a gazillion dollars because I was hungry. Never step foot in a grocery st…

  4. 4
    Harvey Says:

    SB – great job on dancing around an unpleasant task. Bonus points for creative bad punnage 🙂

  5. 5
    physics geek Says:

    “Tolerance: Being of greater height than Rance.”
    “NPR: A feast for acronymphomaniacs.”

    Now that’s entertaiment.

  6. 6
    Being American in T.O. Says:

    Precision Guided Humour
    Dec. 4 – This week’s Precision Guided Humor Assignment was to come up with definitions for The Liberal Dictionary (Canadian alert: small l liberals.) Anti-American: Righteous victim or one who supports the rightful claims of righteous victims Appeaseme…

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