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02 Dec

Final Thought


02 Dec

Ok. Time to Go Home

and get working on the house, once again. You know, once it’s all done, I think I may take and just throw everything else out. I don’t want to have to go thorugh and decide wha tis going to go where again. I shouldn’t complain, however. Housecleaning is a good thing to do. keeps things […]

02 Dec

No Link-Luv™ Today

I’m just too busy at work and at home to properly link to the people who deserve it the most. Insurance (DAMN USAA!) is attempting to screw over mom and dad by not wanting to cover ANYTHING from Isabel. Let me get this straight; They’ve paid premiums for 2 (and sometimes 3) cars and a […]

02 Dec

Mind Games

People and the Games that they Play. You’ve got to wonder what some people are trying to hide. Most people don’t even do it very well. I was listening to a conversation outside my office door about someone who obviously had some thing to hide, as they were doing everything BUT mentioning the persons name. […]

02 Dec

Lunchtime Humour

Now….off to lunch.

02 Dec

Yet another Ghost From The Past

….I was downstairs in Tink’s main office when The Russian, who had been a good friend of one of The Paulsie Twins happened to drop by. He asked if I remembered him, which of course I did. He asked what happened to one of The Paulsie Twins and I informed him that that Paul took […]

02 Dec

What happens when you don’t worship Idols?

No, not religious idols. American Idols. They get dropped from their labels. Billboard reports: RCA had no comment on reports that Justin Guarini, the second-place finalist for the first season of “American Idol,” has been dropped by the label. The eponymous debut album by Guarini — who is no longer listed on the RCA Web […]

02 Dec

Morning Humour

Thanks to Karyzma for passing on these oldies but goodies These are entries to a Washington Post competition asking for a rhyme with the most romantic first line but least romantic second line: Love may be beautiful, love may be bliss But I only slept with you, because I was pissed. I thought that I […]

02 Dec

Christmas CD Covers Done

Just have to remaster the CD tonight. There was a problem in the last mastering of the disc and one track skips. Not a big deal, though. 22 wonderful tracks. It’s beginning to get me in the holiday mood. Slowly. Little by little. The Great Room does look good, however. And the “old fashioned” christmas […]

02 Dec

Alliance Assignment

Entries in the Donktionary (be careful, I’m somewhat of a liberal) Anti-American: see Pro-French. Appeasement: An apartment made of peas. Bigotry: Reverse of littlotry. Censorship: To cause the removal of all boats and seagoing vessels from media. Conservative: Defintion censored to retain PG rating of blog. Diversity: To cause costs to go up due to […]

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