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27 Nov

Final Thought

Well, the first floor is majorly improved. Maybe I’ll be able to have this party as planned. We’ll see how it goes. Tonight’s final thought has to do with family. You know. Those relatives that you didn’t pick. Nite.

27 Nov

Thanksgiving Link-Luv™

I went to the ‘rents for Thanksgiving dinner and have stuffed myself silly on turkey, stuffing (dressing, for you folks from not around here), gravy, potoatoes, deviled eggs, corn, rolls & pie. Now, I’m back home and getting ready to get back to work on things around here (not that I want to, but it’s […]

27 Nov


I’m getting ready to go over to the ‘rents for thanksgiving dinner. I’ve been trying to get this placed cleaned up or I’m cancelling the christmas party. There’s only so much I can take, and last night with the brackets and stuff pulling out of the wall, I’m just about at the end of what […]

27 Nov

Happy Turkey Day

Good morning everyone, and a happy turkey day to you all. Or happy ham. Or happy tofu, or whatever your eating. (Though, I’m sorry, Tofu Turkey just does NOT sound appetizing to me.) I’m contemplating the unthinkable: putting up some of my CD collection on Ebay. Why? I own, at last count, alomst 10,000 CDs. […]

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