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26 Nov

I’m Minty Fresh

You are Spearmint. You are quick-witted and sharp. You pay closeattention to details and you can tell what yourfriends are feeling. You are always the firstto understand a joke and you are valued foryour insight and advice. However, yousometimes isolate yourself from other people,afraid to share your own feelings. Most Compatible With: Cinnamon Which Tic-Tac […]

26 Nov

Final Thought


26 Nov

“Ever Feel…

….like you just want to quit?” asked PoloRandy. “Quit what?” I asked. “Everything,” was his reply, followed by “come look”. All the brackets, shelving, etc. that we mounted last night came crashing down this evening. Everything. So now we’re back at the drawing board. I’m contemplating cancelling the Christmas party, but PoloRandy doesn’t want that […]

26 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving

With the holiday and all, (and still working on the house, blogging may be a little lite for the next 36 hours. Happy Thanksgiving

26 Nov

When you have nothing better to complain about

then start dissecting your PC. Seems people are offended with the “master” and “slave” designations on computer equipment, that have existed for YEARS. Read the attached and shake your head at how far we’ve fallen from common sense.

26 Nov

Susie, Exposed.

Susie gave us a glimpse of her topless but that was so long ago, even the colour has drained out of the picture. Here, however, is one that was snapped before she was able to blog braless. View image

26 Nov

Clean Machine

Well, for the first time since EX moved out, there finally is complete floorspace in my room. My desk, on the other hand, looks like hell. But that’s ok. I’m working in that as well. I received my copy of “A Cosmic Christmas” (actually, it was tacked on to “The Littlest Angel” cartoon.) Sitting back […]

26 Nov

Thanksgiving Top 9

The Top 9 Questions the Butterball Hotline Just Hates to Get 9> “What are you wearing?” 8> “What are the microwave instructions for a frozen 12-pound bird? And can you hurry? The guests arrive in an hour!” 7> “Can you explain the infield fly rule?” 6> “What do you recommend for removing tire marks from […]

26 Nov

Goooood Mooooorning Blogsphere!

Well, it seems like a few buttons were hit with the back-and-forth banter between Bill C. and myself. Just so no-one feels the immense animosity that appeared to be going on, hereís an email I sent Bill after his comment. (You DID go an read the extended portion of the post, didnít you?) Name: Bill […]

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