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18 Oct

Oh! One More Thing

18 Oct

Final Thought

Someone want to explain this to me? Nite!

18 Oct


Roxette Bunny™ just hopped into my home office and after sitting herself squarely in front of my monitor, insisted I listen to this dream she had last night. She claims she dreamt that she had magic powers that whenever she twitched her ears, she’d levitate. She found it much easier than hopping up and down […]

18 Oct

Feel The Love

When you’re hot, you’re hot. Our choir rocked the house today. Other than a few minor (very minor) glitches, it was one of the best performances we’ve ever given. Thanks to Punchbuggy’s alter-ego for suggesting we take it on.

18 Oct

Church Conference Today

So I won’t be able to post until around 3 Eastern. Then I’ll try to insert some bloggy goodness in your life. 🙂 Take care, play safe, Silver Blue

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