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15 Oct

The Return of the List!

Things on a wednesday to take note of:

10. Talking Air Freshner devices do NOT belong in tile-lined bathrooms.
9. Stupid people shouldn’t breed.
8. There’s too much month left at the end of the paycheck.
7. Customer Service stinks unless you can get a living person on the phone.
6. Elvis has left the building, the planet, and this life. He IS DEAD.
5. Money can not buy happiness. It can, however, make misery a bit more tolerable.
4. No one loves as unconditionally as Roxette Bunny™.
3. There IS such a thing as bad chocolate.
2. A “kept” woman who spends her “man’s” money makes her dangerous; keeping it makes her a whore.
1. Just becuase they make it in your size DOES NOT mean you should wear it.

2 Responses to “The Return of the List!”

  1. 1
    Tink Says:

    Bad Chocolate? Where? Who’s mistake was that?

  2. 2
    Stevie Says:

    Bravo…had me laughing out loud again.

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