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15 Oct

Final Thought


15 Oct

Enquiring Minds Want to Know

What’s going on this year’s holiday CD…. let’s see: Martin Sheen, John Spencer & Stockard Channing (West Wing): Wonderful Christmastime Reba McEntire: Mary, Did You Know? Megan Mullally (Will & Grace): Silent Night Garth Brooks: Home For The Holidays Styx: All I Want Now, knowing that there are normally between 17 and 21 tracks on […]

15 Oct

I really need time

to put together this year’s Christmas CD. I know some of the tracks, but damn it, I normally have it all together by this time LAST month. This year it’s only going to be a single disc thing. There’s a track going on there for Tink, one for PoloRandy, one for Roxette Bunny™ and a […]

15 Oct

Alliance Assignment

Evil Glenn’s PunchTagLine Instapundit: Where Glenn is Glenn and Puppies are Smoothies!

15 Oct

A Festival of Link-Luv™

Poor Susie. Little did she know last night was a showing of “Night of The Stupid People” at her moviehouse. Tink is more verbose than she thought she ever would be. Revog gives us Christmas By-Laws which were ok, but the “no silver christmas trees” was vetoed and did not have enough votes to override […]

15 Oct

A Knock-Off of a DBCC

A couple people have written to me asking for the DBCC recipe. While that’s a closely held family secret of PoloRandy’s, I’ve come up with a pretty good alternative to it, which, while not as good as the original, is a bit cheaper to create and doesn’t take all the time of a homemade cake. […]

15 Oct


the Small Business Administration got back in touch with me today; it looks like I’ll get the loan to fix the roof, the siding, furnace & water heater. That’s a HUGE relief, let me tell you! Lunch was from KFC today. It was good, but greasy. Tonight, at choir we start work on our cantata […]

15 Oct

No brains? Work for Texas!

Sorry, Tiger. No disrespect for your state, but this, from

15 Oct

Mmm. Desserts.

I think my favourite dessert is one that PoloRandy calls his “Death by Chocolate Chip Chocolate Cake with the hot chocolate ganache.” Revog calls it a DBCC. It’s a three-layer cake with 168 ounces (yes, that’s 10.5 pounds) of chocolaty goodness included. In includes cocoa powder, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, choclate chips….and that’s all he’ll […]

15 Oct

The Return of the List!

Things on a wednesday to take note of: 10. Talking Air Freshner devices do NOT belong in tile-lined bathrooms. 9. Stupid people shouldn’t breed. 8. There’s too much month left at the end of the paycheck. 7. Customer Service stinks unless you can get a living person on the phone. 6. Elvis has left the […]

15 Oct

In Honour Of Stupid People

Hat Tip to PoloRandy for forwarding these guffaws to me. In case you needed further proof that the human race is doomed through stupidity, here are some actual label instructions on consumer goods. On a Sears hairdryer: Do not use while sleeping. (Damn, and that’s the only time I have to work on my hair). […]

15 Oct

Bright, Chilly Morning

Life is good. I was able to find out that USAA billed the wrong mortgage company (I refinanced in August); hence the reason they thought they weren’t going to get paid. Fall is in the air; after the rain we had last night the air is crisp, the sun is bright. It’s midweek. the only […]

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