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12 Oct

Final Thoughts

And you thought Ghetto-opoly was questionable in taste: Nite!

12 Oct

Ok, that was just too freaky

My faq’s were post numbered 377. The cast, which I just added, was 1377. Both are linked to the site panel. Wasn’t planned. Just strange.

12 Oct

A few more things you need to know

I don’t promise to post interesting things on the weekend; my life seems to be far too hectic for that. 🙂 Therefore, most of the time, my Link-Luv™ lists will be non-existent on the weekends, until life settles back down again (which, as Tink will tell you, probably never will happen.) Mom and Dad went […]

12 Oct

Part II as Promised

We came back up and dashed to the hospital to see Miss Anna, who now has a feeding tube that is also being used to pump out excess acid from her stomach. On our way back out, we stopped by Super K-Mart (as related in the past message) and by the currently-being-renovated Wal-Mart on Military […]

12 Oct

My life (as of now)

Today was a very interesting day, in more ways than one. Ive found the Christmas Tree I want, but its by the Queen of Evil, Martha Stewart. While Ive oft said Id never have any of her crap in my house, Im going to make an exception on this one. K-Mart, land of the low […]

12 Oct

Another Troll Bites The Dust

IP address: Bogus Email: pizda@yahoo.com Bogus User ID: Preteen Website: Porn link. (associated with last troll that was banned). Like the last, this was put to the “Cutest Pet Contest” Poll. Some people just don’t know when to stop.

12 Oct

Poor Poor Bear

Seems the Ecosystem isn’t updating itsself again. That might explain why the new blog showcase isn’t updating itsself. Also, BlogRolling is moving to its new server, so it’s down for a bit. I spent yesterday trekking between North Carolina and the Hospital. I finally got near a computer at 12:30 in the morning, far too […]

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