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02 Oct

Final THought


02 Oct

Awesome time!

Thanks, Tink, for suggesting to go see the Glengarry Bhoys. They were awesome. I’ll blog more about them tomorrow. 🙂

02 Oct

Questions to Ponder:

Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, “I think I’ll squeeze these dangly things here, and drink whatever comes out?” Who was the first person to say, “See that chicken there… I’m gonna eat the next thing that comes outta it’s ass.” Why do toasters always have a setting that […]

02 Oct

More Off Colour Humour

I salute BILL and his blogiversary with the following joke, forwarded to me by Moonglow. (Non work and family friendly)

02 Oct

Now the MPAA has lost it’s brains too

So, independent film makers, take note: we don’t care about you, we don’t appreciate your competition, we want you to just go away. This would be the effect of the “ban” on free DVD and VHS giveaways to screeners of Academy Award nominated/to be nominated films. So, we’re stiffling creativity as well becuase “people might […]

02 Oct

I am Slack(ware)

Thanks to Susie for bringing this to my attention. Which OS are You?

02 Oct

File Sharing is Up, Why?

One of my favourite bands (and the one from whom I’ve taken my nickname from) is Roxette. What EMI-UK is doing, however, goes to show WHY the music industry is in such dire straits. Let’s look at their track record: Pearls of Passion (1986) Dance Passion (1987 – Vinyl only) Look Sharp! (1988) Look Sharp! […]

02 Oct

Tied up in Celtic Knots

Tink has talked me into going to the White Horse Pub in Virginia Beach tonight to see one of her fave bands, THE GLENGARRY BHOYS Direct from Ontario, Canada Debuts with Energetic Celtic Folk I’m sure I’ll have a good time, if not, I’ve got the beer prayer to fall back on.

02 Oct

Ain’t Science Wonderful?

CNN Reports on “Why The Cookie Crumbles.” You know, when you open up the package, expecting a sweet “sin”sation, and all you are left with is crumbs and a few chocolate chips? Scientists have now discovered why. And my tox money didn’t pay for it, as it was British scientists that performed the work!

02 Oct

Links, as in a chain

Revog gives a good Q&A on the wonderfulness of chocolate and an EXCELLENT rant on Tolerance. Tink further expounds. Roxette Bunny™ is proving that a rabbit can bark. I’ll put up some more links when I get some time to experience some of that “bloggy goodness” that Tiger keeps alluding to.

02 Oct

Alliance Assignment: CD

“Music To Whack Terrorists By” (These are based on song title, not necessarily on song content) 1. Don’t Drop Bombs – Liza Minelli 2. Twilight Zone (When The Bullet Hits The Bone) – Golden Earring 3. Boom Boom Boom – Paul Lekakis 4. Bomb Iran – Vince Vance & The Valliants (also rereleased as Bomb […]

02 Oct

Fall is CERTAINLY here

The air is crisp, if not downright chilly at 57 degrees. Mark it down, boys and girls. October 2, 2003, the first day of fall that I actually had to pull a jacket out and wear it. The sky is blue, the birds and squirrels were out and about today, USAA came by yesterday, I’m […]

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