Ramblings of Silver Blue

23 Sep

Questions of the Day are:

10. Will UPS deliver my computer today?
9. (IF they do) How will I survive it being there and no power?
8. Why is Nero Version 6 such a piece of crap software? And their tech support is non-existent?
7. What’s for dinner?
6. When will we get power back?
5. Will I have phone tomorrow?
4. How DOES Roxette Bunny™ maintain her truest, cutest and sky bluest personality?
3. Why are my coworkers so inane?
2. Will USAA get with me soon so I can contact FEMA?
1. When can I order my new software (Macromedia Studio MX 2004, SwishMax, and ACDSee 6.0)???

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