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16 Sep

I was going to post this on my own blog

But it’s down and I can’t get to it.

I came in to work with SilverBlue who didn’t forget me today (guess the chiding I gave him yesterday was enough to set him straight in his tracks).

They’re going to be open all day today (they’re not making a decision on closing where he works until 6 this evening) — of course, by that time, the roads will be jammed, people will be cursing, and we’ll all slowly drown as the flood waters raise.

Let’s go with the Top 10 Reasons I’m glad I’m not employed where Silver Blue is:

10. I’m small, they’d try to give me a small check.
9. My natural fur colour wouldn’t be the only reason I’m blue (you should hear these people complain around here!!)
8. You really can’t take a lunch unless you leave because people will bang on your door incessantly until you finally have to throw it open and yell “HAVE YOU NO DECENCY? I’M AT LUNCH!!!” (This happened today as someone “had an emergency”. What was it? The photographer didn’t show up and there was no one to take her students photos.)
7. The building is too big to hop around.
6. Not enough carrots in the place.
5. At 78 degrees, I find it a bit warm.
4. They can’t afford the cuteness of Roxette Bunny™!!!!
3. I can’t pronounce half these names.
2. Trying to drive in is difficult — I can’t see over the wheel!
1. I’d be too honest in my opinions of some people’s lack of common sense and be fired my first day!

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