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04 Sep

Final Thought for Thursday

G’Night everyone!

04 Sep

Wow. That was really weird.

A lady I work with (we’ll call her TTB, short for “The Throwback Baby”) who wanted me to make her a “Best Of” CD of Culture Club. Some of these songs, like “Time (Clock Of The Heart)”, “Church Of The Poison Mind”, “I’ll Tumble 4 Ya” and “Karma Chameleon” really brought back some memories of […]

04 Sep

Blue Bunny Rabbit Tracks

No, I’m not talking about Roxette Bunny™ hopping all over the house. Tink and I made our way home through the blasted Midtown Tunnel today (it took us 1 hour 15 minutes to do a trek that should only have taken 25 minutes, tops!!!!) due to traffic, impending storms, yadda, yadda, yadda. I was 5 […]

04 Sep

Poor Customer Service?

Bill has discovered the reason: Fish Fumes. Bloviating Inanities: Carping

04 Sep

One of these days

that bunny’s gonna hop all over you….* Since Pixy Misa is being nice and making Roxette Bunny™ a munuvian, and offering her blog space, I figured it would be nice to make her her own banner. She’s not much on photos (she leaves that to me) but, I don’t think I did too bad. View […]

04 Sep

Rocket Jones on the Truth

A whisper among the multitiudes is the truth. Rocket Jones: A different kind of countdown

04 Sep

Maybe the Music Industry is Getting It?

ABC News reported thhat Universal Music Group will be cutting the wholesale price of its CDs in an attempt to woo back buyers. While I’m not a fan of all their artists, it will see an increase in purchasing from me. Any time prices go down, my spending increases. I just can’t see spending $20 […]

04 Sep

The Chocolate Poll

The Top 9 Differences If Chocolate Had Never Been Invented 9> And darkness covered the waters, and the earth was without form and void…. 8> Children would be greeted on Easter morning with the dreaded sight of pressed Spam Bunnies. 7> Oreo middles would just all stick together in one gooey lump. 6> Godiva would […]

04 Sep

Sorry For the Light Posting

Seems they want me to work for my paycheck, which I’m fine with. 🙂 In the mean time, get ready. They’ll be a new poll after lunch. 🙂

04 Sep

Let the Rain come down

Let the leaves turn brown, still you couldn’t make me love you more.* Mother Nature is clouding up outside. Me thinks someone is “fooling” mother nature. Remember those old time commercials? Weren’t they they best and/or hokiest? Like Madge and the Palmolive. Mr. Whipple and Charmin. Ms. What-was-her-name and Good To The Last Drop Maxwell […]

04 Sep

One of Today’s Rants

I have a problem with a local news station’s website, WVEC.COM. If you want to read ANYTHING beyond their index page you have to register with them and provide them all sorts of information so they can “better tailor their advertisements”. BULLCRAP. I don’t mind registering with the New York Times for stuff; they’re big […]

04 Sep

Good Morning!

The sun is shining (momentarily, at least), the birds are chirping, the fish are jumpin and the living is easy. {end dream sequence} Back at work for a Thursday (anyone want to tell me why, when you’re off a day during the week, it makes it seem even longer? Maybe it’s because you’ve got to […]

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