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02 Sep

Question for the Great Bunny

Revog wrote in and asked:

O Great Bunny!

The Tooth Fairy cost me again last night, Santa makes a huge dent on *my* credit card and I think it would be nice if you would have a talk with your cousin the Easter Bunny. He is getting so he’s as expensive as Santa. Chocolate isn’t enough anymore and even then, those baskets are getting EXPENSIVE!

To which The Great Bunny Replied:

Well, Dear Revog, you obviously hadn’t heard about poor EB’s passing.

A photo of the funeral:

View image

We’re holding elections for a replacement. Some are running on the platform of less chocolate, some are running on a platform of more veggies, but I’m leaning towards supporting the ones with less toys in the baskets. What happened to the days of jellybeans, coloured boiled eggs, and chocolate? They gave you gas and loose stools, not cluttered floors and empty checking accounts.

As for that Tooth Fairy, there supposedly had been rumours of EB being in cahoots with her, feeding children chocolate to make their teeth fall out. This simply isn’t true. The bat EB used to carry with him was used to knock teeth out when the kids tried to pull his tail.

The Great Bunny has spoken!

2 Responses to “Question for the Great Bunny”

  1. 1
    revog Says:

    So that means that “the Great Bunny” is now going to be the Easter Bunny hmmm???? That’ll be good, then i’ll know right where to go to get the GOOD chocolate for me and who to blame when the kids aren’t happy about their baskets. I win on all counts. Vote for the great bunny! make Roxette Bunny the new Easter bunny!!!! Vote! Vote! Vote!

  2. 2
    SilverBlue Says:

    Roxette Bunny™, the truest, cutest, and sky-bluest bunny on the planet sat on the selection panel for the new Easter Bunny, who was selected out of a very eligible pool.

    She thanks you for your nomination, but since the selection process has been closed, it was unnecessary. She says she would have declined the nomination anyway — she has enough to do running the Shenandoah Forester.

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