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30 Aug

Final Thoughts for Saturday

Nite all!

30 Aug

An Oldie…

…but I still love it. It came out in TheOnion.com around June 18, 2003, near the time I started this blog: Christ Returns For Some Of His Old Things JERUSALEM—After being away for nearly two millennia, Jesus Christ triumphantly returned Monday to pick up some of His old belongings. “I realize this isn’t exactly how […]

30 Aug


How on earth do people accumulate so much junk? My God, I was going thorugh some things here at the Shenandoah Forester and … YEEESH. Let’s just say I’m busing filling a trash bag full of stuff that should have been tossed months, years ago. What is it about the human condition that does not […]

30 Aug

Well, today’s the day…

That we get the sideboard. I’ll try to take pictures and upload them … guess it’s time to make a special section of the regular website for it. As an aside: Does anyone know who the band “Eurogliders” were? (No peeking at my site to see!!!)

30 Aug

PG Humour

Thanks to Dawn for this GEM.

30 Aug

Overlooked Solo Act

Today’s Overlooked Solo Act is: Agnetha Faltskog. A member of Swedish supergoup ABBA, Agnetha went on to produce three solo albums: Wrap Your Arms Around Me (which spawned her only top 40 solo hit “Can’t Shake Loose” in 1983) Eyes of A Woman (from 1985, unreleased in America) and I Stand Alone (from 1988, featuring […]

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