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28 Aug

From Roxette Bunny™

{begin transmission}
[RB] Is this thing on? {thump thump}
Hello, John?

[SB] Hello Roxette, how are things at the Shenandoah Forester?

[RB] Well, as you know, it’s getting warmer outside. I appreciate you lowering the thermostat so that the boys and I can be comfortable while you not here.

[SB] No problem. So, what brings you to the phone today?

[RB] Well, actually, it’s because you don’t have internet access (again) at the house. Honestly, these people from Cox need to either find a way of blocking their networks from attack, or start shutting down the IP addresses of those machines causing the issues. Make THOSE people call in for service.

[SB] I fully agree with you. So, what is your take on the Blog War?

[RB] As you know, I am a Bunny of Peace. I hope all can be resolved with no more deep-fried puppies, and most of all, if I hear one more time that Evil Glenn has plans to make mincemeat out of me, I will take care of the Axis of Evil Naughty.

That’s all I wanted to put out. Talk to you later. BYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYE.

{/end transmission}

One Response to “From Roxette Bunny™”

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    Practical Penumbra Says:

    A hare do
    Goodness! It seems Alliance Limerick Laureate Silver Blue’s friend, Roxette Bunny, has her own blog! Too bad she never got nominated for sexiest female blogger!…

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