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27 Aug

Roxette Bunny™ Safely Returns!

Last night, who should happen to hop home, but Roxette Bunny™. Actually, she hitched a ride with PoloRandy, and claims that there’s enough drama where he works to put most soap operas out of work.

While the details of the drama can’t be discussed within the confines of this blog (supposedly, Simon Fuller is looking into creating “American Drama” or something like that), we’re all glad to have her back at the Shenandoah Forester.

She’s approved of the renovations that are going on, and furniture relocation (she claims it’s going to be easier for her to hop around, though a tad bit more difficult to play hide and seek with the boys, as there are less places to hide now).

She moseyed over to the new piano last night while PoloRandy serenaded her. The one request: get the thing tuned!

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