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26 Aug

I’m BAAACK with today’s Top 10 List

Hi, Roxette Bunny™ here with today’s top 10 list.

Top 10 reasons Silver Blue’s blog is better than mine.

10. It’s not hosted on blogspot (even though mine is free).
9. He’s got all these nifty pictures.
8. I don’t have to pay someone to scratch my ears here.
7. Free Carrots. Need I say more?
6. Silver Blue’s bon mots are wittier than mine.
5. The people PoloRandy work with smell funny.
4. This is MY home. Love you SB. Signed, Roxette Bunny™
3. He posts more than I do, so he gets more visitors.
2. I don’t have to read his hatemail.
1. You’d miss me if I didn’t post here. 🙂

If I didn’t post at my own blog, that would just be a reflection on me.

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