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17 Aug

Final Thought for Sunday

I’ve got a headache, and am going to bed. Here’s today’s final thought; I’ll blog with you tomorrow.

17 Aug

Yay! Ecosystem back up!

At least for a while. I’m back to being a “Flippery Fish” (much better than being a “slimy mullosk”). Of course, that means the links I received in the “front page posts” have now fallen off (sorry Susie, but thanks for the try!!!!) I’ll just become more creative (uh…yeah… how?) and take it from there. […]

17 Aug

Fond Memories

I’m feeling really REALLY old now, for at 34, I can remember a lot of what is mentioned below. (You know, I stopped by the ‘rents house the other day, and mom and dad had found my original Pong video game, hooked it up, and by God, it still worked.

17 Aug


Wow, it’s 8:20 in the morning, the longest I’ve slept in in a long time. Guess all the moving yesterday wore me out. I’ve still to do the multimedia for church this morning. But first, some needed humour:

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