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10 Aug

Final Thoughts of 8/10

Planned Parenthood is a blessing.

10 Aug

Another Person to be thankful for

I told you this list was harder to come up for people for instead of the “writing off” list. (Yes, she had to leave a comment to say “HEY, BUTTHEAD! YOU FORGOT ME!!!!”) Revog: A sister that I never had (at least not in this life). We fight, we laugh, we pay MAME. Life is […]

10 Aug

Farewell Gregory Hines

CNN Reports the obit for Dancer/Actor Gregory Hines. I first was introducted to Gregory in the Mel Brook’s movie “History Of The World, Part I.” We’ll miss you, Gregory.

10 Aug

Capitalism gone awry

As those who have read my blog know, I’m all for people making money. What I do NOT approve of, however, is big business gouging the little man. Today, I saw an advertisement on the television for a drug called “Procrit”, which is a red-blood cell booster medicine for people with cancer undergoing chemotherapy. Sounds […]

10 Aug

Off to church…

….since the waters are trying to stay down, and we’ve passed high tide. I’ll try to find someting to blog about, but my head is foggy (you spend most of the day in cold groundwater and see how clearly you think about witty things).

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