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04 Aug

Look here, ASSHAT.

GOP lawmaker proposes gas tax increase (Pilot Online/HamptonRoads.com)

Before you go about this bullcrap of proposing tax rate increases, how about some common sense?

FIRE the inept people who are busy working on the roads now. I’m all for diversity, but give the contracts to THOSE WHO WILL DO THE JOB RIGHT. I don’t give a damn if it’s a woman, if it’s a minority, or if it’s the low bidder. If the job will be done correctly, expeditiously, and on the budget awarded, then DO IT.

I’m reminded of the Eason Parkway (I think that’s the proper name of it) in Columbus Ohio. The developer approached the state regarding having interchanges put in for I-270. The state DOT came back and said it would take years and some exuberant amount to get done (remember, as a state, they’ve got to do all this EEO, AA, etc, bullcrap with a certain percentage of their contracts going to minorities, regardless if there is better, cheaper, more dependable contractors out there).

The developer said “HELL NO,” hired his own people, and in 6 months, for about 25% of the rate quoted him, had designed, contracted, and had built all the roads and interchanges he desired.

Get that. In less than a quarter of the time. Because there was no bureaucratic asshats telling him, “Oh no, women and minorities MUST be paid for this!”

Now, let’s look at the mess Virginia is in. Take the I-64 interchange at Mercury Boulevard in Hampton. The Margruder overpass has been dormant for more than a year. Why? Someone ordered the wrong steel. We’re STILL WAITING on that mess, still waiting to see any progress whatsoever. Recently we received word that the road that was paved at that interchange is TOO FLAT. To add insult to injury, Virginia’s DOT knew about this problem for MONTHS and didn’t do anything about it. MONTHS. If the people in charge aren’t going to be proactive when they are informed of problems, then FIRE THEIR OVERPAID ASSES. I don’t care what they’re paid. If they’re not doing their jobs, then they’re OVERPAID.

Perhaps before we start raising taxes on gasoline, which was voted down last year by those same people who would be paying these taxes, the State should look at revamping the VDOT from the top down so these kinds of mistakes don’t happen again. A $70 million dollar mistake isn’t going to go over well with the voters when you’re saying you knew about it all along and didn’t do anything about it.

2 Responses to “Look here, ASSHAT.”

  1. 1
    dawn Says:

    I lived in Pittsburgh till last year, and they didn’t piss around. They had to shut down a major tunnel/bridge leading into Downtown for 12 non-consecutive months. They told the contractor, “Look, for every single day that you’re past deadline, you get fined over $100K.”

    Don’t’cha know it — the project was done six weeks ahead of schedule.

    Up here in Northern Virginia, we’re still wondering WTF the DOT is doing about this ridiculous “Mixing Bowl” project — it’s dragging along, and sadly, even where it is supposedly “finished,” it has done nothing but mix up some more highway chaos. 🙂

  2. 2
    Ted Says:

    The mixing-bowl is a mess, but it’s also several months ahead of schedule. It’s a huge job they waited way too long to take care of.

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