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04 Aug

From Roxette Bunny™

RB™ wanted me to pass on that she’s gonna lay off blogging for a couple days and see if we can’t get some GOOD questions in. But this should hold you until she returns:

A bored reader wrote in:

O Great Bunny:

Why did Bill C. waste an entire post on a piece of lint making his period look like a colon?

To which the Great Bunny replied:

First, understand that men don’t have periods. End of discussion. Any time one of them says to me, I get a period too, you know my response is, “Really? Has it ever been in your shoe or on your paw?” Jerks. Second, men are always fascinated with their colons. And the stuff that spews out of them. Bill is no exception. Hence, the reason he spent a post on his colon.

The Bunny has spoken!

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