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03 Aug

Top Ten List For 8/3

Top 10 Things That Simply Shouldn’t Exist

10. House Hunters on HGTV
9. PoloRandy’s Sister
8. Cottage Cheese
7. Iron Chef Clam Specials on Food Network
6. Phobias of any kind
5. “Friends” who lie and steal from you.
4. Roxette Bunny™’s Carrot Juice Smoothie recipe
3. Carob and/or Tofu
2. Liver as a Main Course
1. The RIAA.

One Response to “Top Ten List For 8/3”

  1. 1
    Ted Phipps Says:

    Some of those Iron Chef episodes are brutal, especially when they hack up some sea creature alive. But what’s worse is that new American Iron Chef hosted by William Shatner. Unbelievably bad.

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