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03 Aug

Ask The Great Bunny

An alert reader wrote:

O Great Bunny:

What should I do with a friend who always cancels out on things at the last minute? It’s getting quite frustrating!

To which the Great Bunny replied:

Ok. So your “friend” cancels over and over and over again. Bad, BAD friend. (Are you sure they’re a friend?)

I’d suggest planting something embarassing. If your friend is a woman, slip a condom in her purse. If your friend is a man, slip a condom in his jacket pocket. Remember, you have to be SAFE when you’re messing around like this.

If you’re a lady (your email didn’t give me this info) and you can somehow get invited to their place, place a lipstick kiss someplace that is questionable (who does the laundry?). If you’re a guy, well, the Great Bunny can’t go into what to do and where. 🙂 Though, I’ll give you a hint: Monica Lewinsky.

Some people just have no class. Know that you do, even if you skipped it in High School/College.

The Bunny has spoken!

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