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02 Aug

A top list for 8/2

Things that make me mad as hell on a Saturday:

10. Bill calling me a “mental midget” becuase I offered him a job as a boob-man.

9. People who can’t make change without cash registers showing them what change should be.

8. Aunts who don’t take the initiative to walk across the street and visit their mother.

7. The RIAA with their inanity regarding music downloading.

6. Homophobes, Homophones, Racial people, Misogynists, discrimination, and those of closed minds, especially those who think they “own” God.

5. Paying $4 a cup for Starbucks coffee.

4. People who don’t like Roxette Bunny™

3. Those drivers who don’t pay attention to where they’re going.

2. Coworkers who abuse the leave policy and never show up for work on time.

1. FAT, SLOVENLY PIGS WHO SHOULD BE SHOT. (Read as: PoloRandy’s Sister)

One Response to “A top list for 8/2”

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    Dawn Says:

    If I can add my own addendum to those things, my Saturday included two instances of driving through fast-food restaurants (I’m moving and can’t cook right now), and in both places, they chose my drink for me …. one was a black coffee and the other was a coke with ice. I like my coffee sweet and light, and I like diet coke with no ice. But did anyone care to ask? (and would they have comprehended the requests, had I been given an opportunity to make them?)

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