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01 Aug

Best of List for 8/1

Things that have made me happy today, a Friday.

10. Lunch from Dog-N-Burger (with far too much salt, but it was yummy!)
9. It was freakin payday!
8. I get my hair cut tonight.
7. I’m going to pick up the new living room tables tonight.
6. The “Holy See” has no power of ME.
5. The new Bennifer movie looks set to FLOP. I’m sick of hearing of B.Lo. (Gobble, gobble and all!)
4. Roxette Bunny™!
3. Having a lawn service that keeps the Shenandoah Forester™ looking it’s best!
2. Knowing that someone, somewhere still misses and is in love with me.
1. It’s Beth’s Birthday!!!!!

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