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23 Jun

Tolls, Trolls & Toils

One thing I noticed as we took 168 down to the Outer Banks: the $2.00 toll per vehicle. Now, assuming that during the tourist season, from May-October, some 5,000 cars per day that 168. That’s a reasonable amount (and probably quite low). That’s $10,000 per day. That’s not counting those with speedpasses who live down there and pay a reduced rate, or truckers who have more than 2 axles. That equates out to 1.84 million dollars a year just for the tourist season.

Now, consider what the idiots are trying to do with our local bridges, tunnels, and bridges. The Hampton Roads bridge tunnel average is approximately 86,000 cars per day. Assuming only a $1 per vehicle toll (they’re calling for a $1.50 toll), and that half the vehciles qualify for “Speedpasses” which will reduce their toll because of being commuters, we’re still looking at $15.7 million in tolls just from the non commuters. If they reduce to say 50 cents, the speedpass tolls, that’s another $7.85 million, bringing the total to 23.5 million in tolls collected annually on just that one crossing.

With the politicians screaming that “we can’t do this without tolls,” you then need to add the tolls assessed on the MMMBT, the JRB, already on the Coleman, the new tolls they plan on laying on 460 ($1.40 per vehicle) and Southeastern Parkway (75 cents per vehicle), and the additional 11 cents per gallon gas tax they are proposing.

So, in trying to capture the supposed $3 Billion they need to do these projects (third bay crossing, new Midtown tunnel, etc.), what do they think, they’ll be collecting it all in one year?

All tolls do, you trolls, is steal the toils of employees. It will help sectionalize Hampton Roads where people go to the beach less, your tourism will suffer, as people will find ways around the tolls and bypass Virginia Beach all together.

The citizens of Hampton Roads defeated a tax increase to pay for road expansion. Maybe you didn’t hear them loud enough. Instead of applying a penny per dollar sales tax increase that affects everyone equally, you plan on killing the average worker and tourist with rates that make no fiscal sense.

Or maybe they’re doing it because they’re wanting to slam it to the Military.

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