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30 Jun

Greetings From The Land of the U-Turn

Mardi Gras may be over… but… Well, we made it into town yesterday without much problem – we had to circle around some rough weather – thunderstorms… but nothing like we would have had to go through today with Tropical Storm Bill making landfall. Flying in a post 9/11 world is very interesting – to […]

29 Jun

Off to New Orleans (Finally)

…all my bags are packed, I’m ready to go. I’m sitting here, beside the door. Already I’m so happy I’m gonna fly…. Thanks to Tink who’s transporting us to the airport. Thanks to Debbie & Monica who’re providing us with a place to rest our little heads. Thanks to you for reading this as often […]

28 Jun

Final Entry for a While…

…and now you know why I’m glad I’m FLYING to New Orleans with PoloRandy and Roxette Bunny™ — at least I don’t have to worry about hanging on! Depending on internet connectivity, I may be out of contact for a week. If not, we’ll continue our blogging from yet another state!

27 Jun

Final Thoughts for 6/27

With all the alcohol I’ll be partaking in in New Orleans, I’m sure that the scale will be hiding from me when I return. Nite all.

27 Jun

Thoughts after…

…stuffing myself full of Frosted Flakes. You know, those things are pretty good. Of course, now, SilverBlue tells me I should try them with milk. I don’t know. I think the idea of something pumped out of a cow being ingested as a beverage doesn’t sound too thrilling. I’m very much looking forward to this […]

27 Jun

And They STILL Don’t Get It

Billboard Magazine reported today where the RIAA *STILL* doesn’t understand why people aren’t buying their processed musical crap and swapping files online. If the RIAA would put its money where its mouth is and come up and an effective distribution channel that was AFFORDABLE, then they’d see their profits increase. Of course, that would require […]

27 Jun

The Ranking of Roxette Bunny™ In Lists

A couple bright blog readers have asked why Roxette Bunny™ is always #4 on the lists. Here’s the reason why. There are 10 items on the list. #5 would be considered “average” (since it’s half-way between the bottom and the top). If you were #1, it would show you had no where but down to […]

27 Jun

Friday’s Things to be Thankful For List

10. Ice Cold Brita Filtered Water 9. The chance of scattered showers to dispell the ozone problem 8. Bose MediaMate Speakers in Indigo Blue & Silver 7. Ebay for awesome (and cheap) jewelry auctions 6. Extended walks down Memory Lane until 1 a.m. with a great friend 5. DVD-RWs that hold 2 weeks worth of […]

27 Jun

McDonald’s Obesity Lawsuit Downsized

CNN reported today that the lawyers in the case had to drop a major portion of their lawsuit. States CNN: “In the suit against the fast-food chain, the plaintiffs’ lawyers had claimed unknown ingredients and processing made foods such as french fries, Chicken McNuggets and Filet-O-Fish sandwiches damaging to consumers’ health. But after a federal […]

27 Jun

Lack of Customer Serivce

Tink and I just lunched at Burger King on Hampton Boulevard near Norfolk Naval Station. One thing I can honestly say: Great food, HORRIBLE service. Took us 15 minutes to get through the line (we were second in line) because the couple in front of us wanted to argue that their bill wasn’t correct. (I […]

27 Jun

Threatenings Of Stew

Well, I see the lady with the two brats has now lowered herself to threatening to make “Rabbit Stew”. Listen honey, this ain’t Fatal Attraction. I’ve got moves that make Glenn Close look like an angel. People love Roxette Bunny™ becuase I spread cheer, love and happiness. Now, go back to your Stevers’ Chocolate before […]

27 Jun

And the decision means?

From CNN’s legal analyst, Jeffrey Toobin, regarding the Supreme Court’s striking down Texas’ Sodomy Laws: “Well, I think the opinion and the supporters of the right to privacy have always sort of walled off the question of marriage. Marriage has always been regulated by the state. Marriage is something that the government has plenty of […]

27 Jun

Goodbye to a Legend

Former Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina (where I was raised for my first 11 years) has passed, at the age of 100. Rest in peace Strom.

27 Jun

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

… All people, all around the country… time to feel hot, time to cause a sweat. While it was slightly (a degree) cooler today than it was this time yesterday, it’s still a sweltering summer. If we could ditch some of the humidity that takes your breath away when you step out into it, it […]

26 Jun

Final Thought for 6/26

With all my music flashbacks from the 80’s and 90’s that Tink and I have been on, it’s only appropriate that America’s Richest Man discusses wanking. Good nite.

26 Jun


On top of the Ozone Warning, it’s now climbing towards the Century mark. (Currently, it’s 97 outside — no wonder why Roxette Bunny™ wanted to say home today!) Please, if you have pets who stay outdoors, make sure they have shelter, shade, and fresh, clean water.

26 Jun

The Justice System Works

Twice in a day! This time, the Virginian Pilot reports that the jury took less than an hour to convict the woman who hit a homeless man with her car, impaling him on her windshield and after attempting to knock him off, then driving home and parking the car in her garage while he took […]

26 Jun

Who the F*&@ are you to…

…tell me who to f*&@? Obviously NOT the Texas Legal System. CNN Reported today that by a margin of 6-3, the US Supreme Court decided that Texas does NOT belong in the bedrooms of anyone, be they hetero or homosexual. Three cheers for less government intervention in daily lives!

26 Jun

Oh Sure, Blame It All On Downloaders

CNN is reporting that the RIAA is now going to start suing those people who “illegally share music over the internet”. Well guys, let’s make a deal. Quit putting out processed crap and telling us it’s music, quit charging 19.99 for a 40 minute CD, get your damn archives open and online for a reasonable […]

26 Jun

No one can stop the hands of time

One of PoloRandy’s neighbors, Noah, an elderly gentleman, had a heart attack last week; the doctors at Norfolk Sentara discovered several major blockages, but due to his asthma and bad lungs were unable to operate. Last night, he passed on from this world. May God grant mercies on the family as they are dealing with […]

26 Jun

6/26’s List

An absolutely glorious day, even if it’s a scortcher. Today’s list of things to be thankful for: 10. Air Conditioning that works 9. A record 6th day of sunshine in a row 8. MP3s from the 80s. (Didn’t realize so much of my CD collection was dedicated to that decade!) 7. Vacation in three days! […]

26 Jun

The Heat Is On…

….any time I go to work and the temperature is 81 at 7:30, you know it’s gonna be a HOT day. We’re also under a Ozone Warning for the second day, and they’re asking people to carpool if possible. No wonder we’re in an Ozone Warning. The HRBT tunnel was stopped at 8pm last night […]

25 Jun

Final Thoughts for 6/25

Well, it’s six months until Christmas. Do you have your shopping completed? Tonight was the final chior rehersal until the fall. There was a drawing for door prizes and Roxette Bunny™ won a gift certificate from Heaven & Earth. Beth made me all handsome again with her skillful clipping at Ambiance Day Spa. Thanks lady! […]

25 Jun

My ears are twitching

Tink, how could you? When you and John were at lunch, you made the comment that I wasn’t entertaining. Don’t you realize that everyone loves MEEEEEEEEEEEEE? I try to entertain you, but your friends (the one with the collar, and the one with the two brats) attempted to rip my stuffing out and went around […]

25 Jun

Ok, so I’m getting a little bit older…

…and I guess I should get used to aches and pains, but I think I may have overdone it today lugging computers, monitors and printers. My elbow is KILLING me! I’ve taken 2 advil, so hopefully they’ll kick in and I won’t be too cranky when Beth cuts my hair tonight or while I’m at […]

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