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1001 Days and 1001 Nights

Meme borrowed from a page by Neil.

That’s how long I’ve given myself to do 101 things on this list. And yes, I know that there aren’t 101 things on it yet. It’s a work in progress, but I do want to get started now.

February 9, 2009 is the due date for all these tasks. GO!

1. Tell someone how I really feel about them without concern for repercussions. Completed 5/13/06
2. Go 24 hours without listening to some sort of music. Completed 07/14/07
3. Visit the neighbourhood of my youth and photograph.
4. Clean out my CD collection which has gotten over the 15,000 mark.
5. Donate those items that I’ve listen on ebay and haven’t sold by their 3rd listing.
6. Get back down to at least a 36 inch waist, if not a 34. Keep it there.
7. Surprise someone with a secret gift. Completed 7/2/06
8. Say “no” when I really don’t want to do something instead of conceding. Completed 07/15/07
9. Learn to make a proper frozen margarita. Completed 5/23/06
10. Bake a cheesecake.
11. Replace the kitchen sink.
12. Downsize my worldly possessions.
13. Learn to podcast. Completed 6/15/06
14. Quit trying to force my opinions on others.
15. Have a backyard cookout at the Shenandoah Forester.
16. Take up bike riding again. Fresh air can be a good thing.
17. Try caviar (again).
18. Walk on the beach under the moonlight with either someone I love or a good friend.
19. Sleep under the stars.
20. Bleach my hair to see if blonds have more fun. Completed 5/17/06
21. Write my memoir. Completed 1/04/07
22. Try a new (different) restaurant each month. Ongoing
23. Accept that I am different and that is okay. Ongoing
24. Play “quarters”.
25. Buy a drink for a stranger in a bar. Completed 5/19/06
26. Learn to shoot pool.
27. Pierce my other ear.
28. Increase my vocabulary by at least 50 words.
29. Try sake. Completed 9/06
30. Forgive those who have injured me. Ongoing.
31. Visit Las Vegas.
32. Go 24 hours without making snide remarks (and being awake). Completed 10/13/06
33. Swear off caffeine for a week.
34. Make love in a thunderstorm.
35. Go 48 hours without touching a computer or laptop.
36. Have a picture taken of me that I’m happy with.
37. Pay off my Rolex.
38. Go to Kings Dominion.
39. Record a song.
40. Watch the sunrise over the ocean.
41. Create a “signature drink”.
42. Watch Gone With The Wind for the FIRST time.
43. Redo my personal website. Ongoing.
44. Have a professional massage at a salon. Completed for my birthday, 2007
45. Meditate and spiritually cleanse for 24 hours. Completed 7/3/06
46. Compile the top 100 songs of my life and burn them onto CD. Completed 11/04/06
47. Attend a seance.
48. Have the Tidewater Paranormal Research Team visit the Shenandoah Forester.
49. Try “bubble tea”.
50. Make hollandaise sauce.
51. Eat no beef (red meat) for one week. Completed 01/20/07
52. Host four dinner parties with different guests and use my china.
53. Stop being afraid to face my own emotions.
54. Visit Brown Mountain in North Carolina and see if I can experience the Brown Mountain Lights.
55. Become proficient eating with chopsticks. Completed 6/7/06
56. Treat myself to a pedicure.
57. Visit every Smithsonian Museum.
58. Seduce a stranger. (Was told it counted, though nothing happened)
59. Try a different religious worship service. Completed 9/06, 10/06
60. Watch “The Dark Side of OZ”
61. Eat a different ethnic style for each meal in a 72 hour period. Completed 1/07
62. See Luray caverns. Completed 3/24/07
63. Visit Chinatown, Washington, DC.
64. Buy a pair of Levi’s 501s. Completed 6/11/06
65. Visit a tanning salon.
66. Do a shot of Jaegermeister. Completed 5/19/06
67. Watch all 69 episodes of “Are You Being Served?” Completed 6/19/06
68. Send an old friend greetings from accross the years. Completed 5/27/06.
69. Just do it. Yeah. That.
70. Make a music CD of the way I feel about someone and send it to them.
71. Attend my 20th High School Reunion. Decided against, July 2007
72. Clean my room. Completed 5/5/07
73. Clean up my computer’s hard drive.
74. Take in a confidant. Completed 6/12/06
75. Write someone out of my life who should be gone. Completed 6/3/06
76. Dye my hair blue. Completed 6/2/06
77. Take out the front hedge row at the house. Completed 6/18/06
78. Come up with an over-the-top party favour for the 10th Anniversary Holiday Party, December 2, 2006. Completed 12/1/06
79. Dine at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, Virginia Beach, VA.
80. Experience the DC Nightlife.
81. Purchase an adult novelty.
82. Learn how to make three specialty drinks. (Excluding #9)
83. Compile a cookbook of favourite recipes.
84. Teach someone how to cook a favourite dish.
85. Learn to make jello shooters.
86. Visit Onacock, Virginia. (Eastern Shore)
87. Try the ocotopus at the local Chinese restaurant. Completed 7/10/06
88. Write a fiction novella.
89. Pay off my digital camera. Compelted 2/07
90. Ask an intensely personal question of a close friend.
91. Compile my poetry into one booklet.
92. Visit a location I loved again.
93. Start a support group for weight loss.
94. Stop being so self deprecating.
95. Meditate daily.
96. Publish a second book.
97. Realize that organized religion is infected with the ego of man. Completed 7/19/07
98. Stop worrying what other people think of me.
99. Be willing to take that chance.
100. Accept that happiness is an option.
101. Believe in myself above all else.

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