Weekend Wrap up early

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I will be having my nose broken tomorrow on purpose. Now not everyone would schedule a surgery for nose breaking, but a deviated septum seems to be causing alot of my sinus issues.

I am writing this Sunday am as Celtic Mama is in town and I am going over to Gentle Hands (et al) to celebrate Piper Man’s bday a little late. I made the lasagna yesterday and CM is making the red velvet cake today. Actually it is a Waldorf Astoria cake. The story of the recipe is that my grandmother dated a cook at the hotel of the name in the 40’s to get the recipe. She was a waitress there. It is definitely a treat.

I got work wrapped up Friday pretty well. I am being bad and leaving 2 or 3 decisions to enter when I get back.

The women’s basketball game was really good yesterday. It would be nice to be going to the Bahamas with the team….maybe one year.

There are already major Christmas sales going on.

Revog was really nice and sent me some movies to watch. I dn’t think I can watch 1408 while CM is here.

The surgery instructions said that small children can bring a favorite blanket or stuffed animal. What about big kids?!

I don’t have alot of non-over the head shirts. This could be a problem.

I am going to be a mouth breather for 2 days.

I am about half way done for a blanket for GH’s sister in laws baby shower.

I have alot of projects in the works right now. A semi Christmas present, a scarf hood combo for me I am thinking of calling it a scood. I havent seen any one else make anything like it.

I am giving up on the knitting for right now. I just am not getting it.

Why is gas at $3 a gallon!?

I might ask Roxette Bunny to post a post surgery update for me tomorrow, just so everyone knows what is going on.

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  1. FencerScott said,

    November 19, 2007 at 12:40 am

    I’ll say a prayer, light a candle, and send positive energy your way. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!

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