Just not having alot to say

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I am thinking of following my Blogfather’s lead and either taking an extended break from blogging or giving it up all together. I just don’t seem to have alot to say. It is time to quit doing something for fun when it becomes a chore.

I will think more on this and let you know my decision later.


Weekend Wrap Up +

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My favorite part of the season is seeing family. Christmas Eve always means more to me than Christmas Day.

Nothing too exciting in the sales today. maybe the outlets will have some interesting stuff tomorrow.

Webkinz! EEEEEEK! They are taking over! For those with no tweens, they are stuffed animals with these codes that get you into a website. Your stuffed animal translates into an animated animal that you feed and play with and such. It’s the Beanie Baby of the aughts. My neices now have 13 each. They know others with 25+.

Don’t discount the lower priced hotels, you might be in for a surprise. I highly recommend the Best Western on the Ocean Front formerly the Colonial Inn. Indoor pool!

Sometimes you just need to have a french fry.

Dad made a really nice box as an experiment that I am going to used as a jewelry box.

From here we go into the doldrums of winter. No bright lights, no parties blah.

Wow the year is basically over.


Weekend Wrap up

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Ahhh the weekends just fly by too fast.

ODU beat Va. Tech.! Yay!

I still don’t have alot of Christmas presents yet.

Why couldn’t we have gotten any of the fun stuff like snow?

3 days until 12 off.

We aren’t having problems with the heat but with the thermostat.

I am getting tired of Christmas commercials

I am trying to make some stuff for my nieces.


Weekend Wrap up

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Wow, time passed quickly this weekend. It was over before I realized it had began.

Men, if you don’t like to shop, don’t go! You are taking up space that those of us who do like to shop could be in. I also do not want to hear your whining.

Nose bleeds are getting on my nerves. Try walking around a shopping area with a wad of padding up your nose. Real attractive.

Did you know Emeril failed out of Johnson & Wales Culinary Inst.? I heard from alum that he has an honorary degree.

Why are men’s sweaters warmer than women’s?

My food allergies might be minor, but I can tell when I overdo it.

Perception means alot. It is how one person can look at something I made and love it, and another person think it is just ok.

Some people can surprise you when they can be themselves.

I have not gotten a single Christmas card yet this year.


Weekend Wrap up

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Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood from Whose line is it Anyway? are extremely talented. I can truly say that I would have never thought of a clue for the town called Chuckatuck, toss the friar, or a pacifier clue as me caveman, me pass the fire to you.

Energy is finally returning. Yay!

What am I going to do with no Dancing with the Stars on?

It is so weird that we are in December already.

My feet are cold.

Ahhh college basketball is back. Yay!

I need to get creative for Christmas presents. Hmmm.

My housemates had better not make me sick. They are both hacking and have sore throats.

Blankets are going to be needed.


Much better now

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I am still getting tired easily, but not anywhere near as uncomfortable as I was last week. I have basically been going to work and coming home and sleeping.

Some thoughts on this whole experience:

Dr.s lie about recovery time. Realistically, I should have been on bed rest for a good week. I pushed it over the holiday and boy did I pay for it. I had to take an extra day off this week as I could barely function on Monday.

Thank goodness for insurance. The price for this surgery was $25000. Insurance “allowed” charges were around $5000. I paid a $100 co pay. I couldn’t have done this if I didn’t have insurance. It is ridiculous that someone who doesn’t have insurance so will only do things when absolutely needed, gets charged the most.

I was really more uncomfortable, even after the packing came out, than anything. I guess the percocet helped but it sure didn’t seem like it.

The packing coming out was truly awful. It HURT.

If I ever have the opportunity, I want to go to Oprah’s favorite things show. She was extremely generous. Some of the things looked really cool.

Daytime tv does have some highlights. Oprah’s show was one. CM and I watched it all week. The View was ok. In some ways the Soaps are getting way out there.

I can tell the surgery helped as I am finally sleeping better and people who have been around me as I sleep say I am alot less nopisy. I have my doubt that I was noisy to begin with, but I guess I will believe them.

Clif energy bars are good. Sugars are kind of high, but they are energy bars not nutrition bars. They were easy to eat when i couldn’t sleep.

QVC is better than HSN. Not much else is on at 2 am when you throat gets dry.

Thank you to my caretakers, CM, SB, RB, PR, GH and all.


Ewwww Ick!

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I got the packing out this morning. That was miserable. A pain pill was not a help.

I can breathe through my nose now which is a good thing. I am way more tired today than I was. Guess my body is getting used to the oxygen again.

Next milestone is being able to blow my nose.

I know CM is getting bored.


Alive, uncomfortable but not really in pain

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I am here nicely ensconced on the couch. Paula Deen is making something on the tv. The pain med hasn’t made me drowsy yet. I guess all the adrenaline I have running through me is keeping sleep at bay. I had just better be able to stay awake through the semi finals for Dancing with the Stars.

I have this really gross thing on my nose. Apparently I am bleeding enough to get through the packing in my nose to have what was termed ooze. I wonder if that the official medical term?

Why are hospitals so cold?

The nurses at Mary Immaculate Ambulatory Surgery Center are extremely nice.

The surgery center was even nice enough to give me no skid sock things. I guess they figure you need to keep the tootsies warm..

Tired but not sleepy.


Weekend Wrap up early

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I will be having my nose broken tomorrow on purpose. Now not everyone would schedule a surgery for nose breaking, but a deviated septum seems to be causing alot of my sinus issues.

I am writing this Sunday am as Celtic Mama is in town and I am going over to Gentle Hands (et al) to celebrate Piper Man’s bday a little late. I made the lasagna yesterday and CM is making the red velvet cake today. Actually it is a Waldorf Astoria cake. The story of the recipe is that my grandmother dated a cook at the hotel of the name in the 40’s to get the recipe. She was a waitress there. It is definitely a treat.

I got work wrapped up Friday pretty well. I am being bad and leaving 2 or 3 decisions to enter when I get back.

The women’s basketball game was really good yesterday. It would be nice to be going to the Bahamas with the team….maybe one year.

There are already major Christmas sales going on.

Revog was really nice and sent me some movies to watch. I dn’t think I can watch 1408 while CM is here.

The surgery instructions said that small children can bring a favorite blanket or stuffed animal. What about big kids?!

I don’t have alot of non-over the head shirts. This could be a problem.

I am going to be a mouth breather for 2 days.

I am about half way done for a blanket for GH’s sister in laws baby shower.

I have alot of projects in the works right now. A semi Christmas present, a scarf hood combo for me I am thinking of calling it a scood. I havent seen any one else make anything like it.

I am giving up on the knitting for right now. I just am not getting it.

Why is gas at $3 a gallon!?

I might ask Roxette Bunny to post a post surgery update for me tomorrow, just so everyone knows what is going on.


Weekend Wrap up

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Sleep is a good thing.

Not cleaning is a bad thing. Especially with Celtic Mama coming Thursday.

I am such a yarn whore. I bought more, even though I could have used something I have here

Not a whole lot to talk about today.

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